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 Sound Track Title Ji
 Music Director Vidyasagar
 Movie Director Lingusamy
 Starring Ajithkumar, Trisha
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Ding Dong Kovil Manee Kovil M. Balakrishna, Madhushree
Kiliyae Kiliyae Kiliyakkyakk Udit Narayanan, Sujatha
Sarala Kondaiyail Samanthi Karthik
Vamba Vilaikku Vankum Va Kay Kay
Yethanai Yethanai Neenda Ir Shankar Sampoke
Thiruttu Thiruttu Rascal Thi Mano, Shreelekha Parthasaraty

Ji Movie Review: After a gap of almost two years, director Lingusamy is back with Gi with Ajith playing the lead role. Lingusamy shows that despite the gap in between his films, he has not lost his touch or ability.

Helping him in this cause is Ajith who comes up with a bravura performance as his role has ample scope for fun, frolic and many others.

The film in fact is a Ajith special and is all about the mess that our political system is in and how righteous students can really make a difference if they put their minds to it. It is a serious message told within the dramatic matrix of a hardy masala movie... [ More ]



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