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 Sound Track Title Sachin
 Starring Vijay, Harini
 Movie Director Jhoan
 Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
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Dai Dai Kaddikoda Vasamaththa Karthik, Sunitha Sarathy
Gundu Manga Thoppukkule Nan Jessie Gift, Malathi
Kanmoodi Thirakkum Pothe Kad Devi Sri Prasad
Vaadi Vaadi Vaadi Kaipadathaa Vijay and Chorus
Vaa Vaa En Thalaivaa Nee Naan Shankar Mahadevan
Sachin Moive - Background Beat Instrumental - Sri Prasad
Sachin Preview: With a title like Sachin, a film doesn't need much publicity. And this is what producer Kalaipuli S Thanu, director Jhoan and actor Vijay want to capitalise on.

No, Sachin has nothing to do with the story of the cricketer; it is just that Vijay's name in the Tamil film is Sachin.

Other than enjoying life as a college student, Sachin also plays cricket. And there ends the similarity between Tendulkar and the fictional Sachin.

Sachin's happy-go-lucky life undergoes a transformation with his predictably falling in love with a girl, played by Genelia of Boys fame. [ More ]


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